Commented Pictures

Painter, Ann Arbor

Whoever starts by burning books will finish by burning people, Berlin

Two towers, Hong Kong

Bridge, Castle Howard

Ashes, Livonia

Grass, Livonia

Thread, Livonia

St. Paul's, London

Thames, London

Gravestone, Ludington

Ganesh 3, Mumbai

Gigeresque ceiling, Oxford

Gargoyles 2, Paris

Tomb, Paris

"Graffiti", Sydney

Self-Portrait, Hong Kong

Odn Or Ep La, Hong Kong

Self-Portrait, Livonia

Rotating billboard, London

That's a pretty manly skiff you got there, Manly, Australia

Leprosy, Mumbai

Wedding portraits, St. Petersburg

Green, Mumbai

Tre Chime, Italy

Ocean, Nice

Skyline, Hong Kong

Chateau d'If, Marseille

Sign, Mumbai

La Defense 3, Paris
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